Gujarati Cultural Association of Ottawa

We are a group of Gujarati speaking people who have established ourselves in the Ottawa area.  We coordinate events and functions to celebrate our heritage.
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Most immigrant communities are faced with a challenge of assimilating into their new environment while preserving their own culture and traditions. People gather with others from similar cultural and religious backgrounds to share experiences of their new life in a foreign land, to maintain their traditions and seek comfort in times of homesickness. Our community was no exception – these were there the driving forces behind the creation of the Gujarati Cultural Association.

Over the past 38 years, the GCA has changed in many ways, but one thing that has remained constant is the willingness of its members to dedicate their time and effort to keeping the community strong and vibrant. In all these years, members have helped out in whatever way they can – be it behind the scenes or in more publicly recognized roles. What is certain is that our association is only as strong as our members, and after all these years, we are still flourishing.

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